About the Founder

Cassidy has always enjoyed music. Scratch that; she has almost always enjoyed music. When she was five years old, her mom sat her down for her first piano lesson, and Cassidy about threw a fit! It's one of her embarrassing facts... Being a strong-willed elementary-schooler, at the time, Cassidy had no intention of even liking music, let alone writing a blog on the subject! A few years passed, and something had changed. Having gotten over her original disdain for the piano, Cassidy found herself drawn to explore its inexhaustible depths. Soon, she would be found spending one to two hours every single day playing. When she went on vacation, it wasn't her friends or pets she greatly missed; she longed for the piano.

When it comes to preference, Cassidy most enjoys improvisation and creating new arrangements of worship songs. She's had a history of arriving to music lessons and awkwardly explaining that she spent all her practice time composing a new piece, or exploring a newly learned chord inversion. There are rumors that since beginning instruction with a classical harpist, she has become a tad stronger in theory, though!

Be it the harp, piano, guitar, or just singing from her heart, it's unlikely for this creative-brained girl to go one day without music. (If it ever happened, she'd say it was against her nature!)

Cassidy has a deep passion to encourage others to pursue Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. When she's not writing a song that just came out of thin air and some inspiration, she can be found taking a thousand photos (too many, by her photography teacher's recommendation), sharing her latest "random thought" about the Lord's faithfulness on her personal blog, writing some politically-incorrect articles on the dignity and value of every human life, or just jumping for joy, because Jesus is too good.

In 2017, Cassidy graduated from Ellerslie Discipleship Training, and Kent Career Technical Center. Despite all the random side projects she pursues (like this blog), her weekly energy is mainly invested in working as a nanny, Certified Nursing Assistant, and sidewalk counselor.